In today’s time, there are multiple choices and options that one could stick with for having a bright future. this text will enable the viewers to urge details about various careers after 12th class, course selection, and guidance after class 12 for commerce students.

Since Commerce may be a popular stream among emerging students it allows candidates to opt from multiple course options. Over the highest, it benefits students to possess options open in both commerce also as arts. It offers a variety of career choices to students of 11th &12th.

Commerce basically deals with accounts, finance, and maths. it’s a chance for college kids to modify to Arts-based courses afterward. Thus, commerce falls under two categories – Commerce with Mathematics, and therefore the other one is commerce without Mathematics. Furthermore, Commerce stream jobs also provide a high salary in certain fields.

Looking at the highest hottest courses that commerce students could choose are, Bachelor of Commerce or BCom which is majorly offered as BCom Honors for the one who opted for maths, and BCom General for the one who opted for without maths.

TOP 5 CAREERS AFTER 12th:To understand the courses better and determine the right careers after 12th class that interests you more, ask the list of courses mentioned below.

B.COM (BACHELOR OF COMMERCE):Bachelor of Commerce is that the one among generally sought-after graduation courses in India. This long-term long scholastic course has been intended to furnish understudies with a good scope of administrative abilities. you’ll seek after Maths without Maths. There are various B.Com. specialization programs accessible in India.
BACHELOR IN LAW:Seeking after a course that’s a mix of law and business can assist you with developing your vocation in several fields. There are different coordinated law courses accessible in India like B.Com. LLB, BBA LLB, BA LLB, then forth.
Bachelor of Business Administration may be a long-term long Bachelor’s course of study. This course assists understudies with acquiring modern and broad abilities. BBA additionally offers various particular projects.


A single man of Hotel Management may be a future long business arranged course. This course gives autonomous information about the lodging of the board area.

Different specializations offered by the course are :
BBA in Hotel ManagementBachelors in Hotel ManagementBachelors in Culinary ArtsBA of Food Production and BeveragesBA of Catering Management


In the event that you simply are somebody who must investigate a profession in an unfamiliar exchange area, at that time Bachelor of Foreign Trade would be a fantastic decision. this is often a long-term long graduation program that centers around coordination, import, send out, inventory network the board, and law strategy.

Event Management is one among the courses which supply enormous work openings. an outsized portion of the occasion the board courses are future long projects. you’ll choose courses like BBA in Event Management, Bachelor of Event Management, and BA in Event Management to pursue your career in event management.

Alternative Careers: What Ways Can You Envisage Using Your Law Degree?

The law degree is considered the most versatile degree that opens up career opportunities in various industries and sectors apart from the traditional law firms. A degree in law equips you with the necessary skills and training to adapt and mold yourself to any kind of professional environment for work fields. There are many companies and online portals that are now exploring the options of providing law graduates with employment opportunities in diverse industries. You can certainly use these online platforms to carve out a niche path for yourself in the field of estate planning law in various sectors.

The most popular alternatives to the traditional law firms include:

Working as a full-time employed lawyer with the government agency or department or any of the non-government organizations.

Working as an in-house lawyer at a large multinational corporation that includes finance and banking companies.

Let us check out the common alternative careers with a law degree:
Government law
Many government departments consist of large legal teams that provide specialized legal services to the respective government departments. For instance, the department of modern protection and immigration and the government taxation office. Therefore, a law graduate can make a great career as a parliamentary office counsel or solicitor for the government. This would be one of the best alternative careers for attorneys. Law graduates who are interested in working for the government can explore this opportunity with the legal department. If a student is interested in international law or in military law, in that case, they can seek work in the department of defense or in the armed forces as a specialist legal counsel.

Policy development
Apart from specific legal jobs within the government agencies and departments, many legal attorneys are also employed in various areas of service delivery and policy development across a broad spectrum of industries. They have exciting roles and responsibilities which are of great significance to the government and the people as a whole.

This could be one of the exciting alternative legal careers, as it provides you with the opportunity to utilize your skills and training as a lawyer in a stimulating environment that you may not have envisaged during your graduation. Policy development is an essential area of expertise, and many governments, as well as private enterprises, need expert legal minds to create cohesive policies for their employees or the people as a whole.

Graduate program
There are various government departments that run their graduate programs in law. These programs are conducted by the individual government departments and usually specialize in law relevant to that department.

Moreover, many government agencies also conduct their graduate law programs. You check out the relevant website to find out about the programs and the employment opportunities. If you wish to pursue any of the law programs conducted by the government, then it is better to do proper research on the programs and their benefits before enrolling. Moreover, you could even find better employment opportunities with the government agency after the successful completion of the program.

Contract employment
You can find various temporary or contract positions over and above the permanent positions in various government agencies or public sector agencies. These vacant positions are advertised on leading government portals. Contract employment could also be a better opportunity as it will provide you with better experience and exposure to law practice. They are very essential in gaining experience and can open your doors to permit law positions in a company.

Contract employment will allow you to establish your track record and your experience in your discipline. This can help you secure long-term or extended contracts with government agencies or private companies. This would further strengthen your case for permanent employment with the organization. Contract employment will at least get you started and open your doors to practicing law. This experience would prove to be invaluable later.

Many aspiring attorneys wish to take up mediation as a profession. It is, in fact, a rapidly expanding field that has led to the creation of National Mediation Standards to provide accreditation to practicing mediators. Mediation is considered a specialized field in law practice and helps to sort out crucial differences in businesses and parties and helps to arrive at a solution amicably.

Though accreditation is sought to become a mediator, there are enormous opportunities for law students as mediators. Mediators can significantly help to register and resolve family disputes, resolve conflict of interest among businesses, and can also help with the merger and acquisition of companies.

These are the top alternative careers with a law degree that a law graduate can opt for. Traditional law firms may be your go-to place to find a job. But these alternative legal careers are rapidly becoming the most sought-after alternative careers for attorneys.

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Traditional law firms may be your go-to place to find a job. But these alternative legal careers are rapidly becoming the most sought-after alternative careers for attorneys.

Accepting Digital Solutions for Workplace Mental Wellness

The situation of mental health in the United States is worrying, with 20% of Americans suffering from a mental disease each year, according to the National Alliance on Mental disease. Anxiety disorders appear to be particularly frequent, yet the gap between those who require care and those who receive it remains large. In 2021, just 42% of adults with mental illnesses received treatment, while 10.6% had no insurance coverage at all. The average delay in seeking care is 11 years after the onset of symptoms.

This delay and reluctance to seek help are especially problematic in the workplace, potentially hurting productivity and overall employee well-being. Employees with mental illnesses are often less able to concentrate, multitask, and fulfill deadlines.

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The reasons for avoiding treatment highlighted by Sapien Labs in the Mental Health Million Project ring true in the professional context: mistrust of the mental health system, a lack of knowledge about where to seek help, a preference for self-help, financial constraints, stigma. This frequently results in an unhappy loop in which employees’ fear of judgment or incapacity to seek help impairs their performance, which worsens their health.

Misinformation about mental health is a big contributor to workplace silence on these concerns. Many employees believe that disclosing to mental health issues shows weakness, fearing criticism from peers or repercussions in their careers. Only one in every five employees says they feel entirely safe discussing their mental health with their coworkers.